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ZBG Gene

During five years of development, ZB team has grown as a strong and energetic group and accumulated valuable experience. We work conscientiously to provide the best service, adhering to our value baseline. Now, it’s time for us to show our energy as a young team. ZBG aims at becoming a lightsome and rapid global trading platform with ZB’s technical support, achieving numbers of innovations in business philosophy.
As a sub brand of ZB, ZBG will operate independently, and build up contacts with ZB customers and funds at the same time, as the most important supplement in ZB strategic map;
1. Thousands of digital currencies can be listed at ZBG

ETH, EOS, QTUM and other thousands of tokens could be available for exchange at ZBG. TOP 3 tokens of daily online deposit ranking, will bring the active community token trading to market rapidly. While the token exchange is active enough to trigger the assessment, the token will be upgraded to the main exchange zone of ZB.COM. ZBG will accept the tokens pulled off the shelf of ZB as well. We believe ZBG will soon become an exchange platform available for thousands of tokens.
2. New technology, security and service system at ZBG

ZBG is the seventh-generation technology products developed by ZB team. It inherits the security advantages of original exchange system and fully supports the construction of the alliance trading platform. We have separated the recharging, cash withdrawal and cold storage of tokens. Users, transactions and funds are also completely separated, and the development front-end and back-end separation have been achieved. Each part has an independent team to improve R&D and support, which enables the business to focus more on products and services without throwing into and managing high-risk technology modules. Meanwhile, ZBG will also provide online programming systems, to realize online editing and collaboration, which can support global trading alliance partners rapidly. In all aspects of security and those probably involved, we have creative technology in application service containers, static service resource servers, distributed caching, distributed security controls, etc. The persistence and pursuit for technology are far beyond the needs of business and expected to bring you extraordinary and unique services. Just as our positioning, it should be a technology-driven company.
3. ZT, the platform token of ZBG

ZT is the platform point at ZBG. ZT holders can exchange and mine ZT to gain even more than 100% of service fees. Now, ZT is developed based on ERC2.0 with a total of 500 million, 150 million of which are held by the platform, 350 million are exchanged by ZB.20% of Total Token has been circulating at the beginning, and the rest will unlocked totally in 2019 July.(Platform will unlock the same proportion and use 2 million for marketing promotion), the remaining part will be unlocked gradually each day with an amount equivalent to the daily transaction service fees. The unlocked ZT could be invested into the mining pool for the ZT return rate, with a maximum up to 1000% of the daily transaction service fees; 
As the core hub of ZBG operation, ZT will be used to calculate and reward system users and support the business