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Earn up to 80% commission
Invited Active Users Earned Commission
  • Registration Time Account Referral Channel Active User
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  • Date Exchange(USDT) Futures(USDT)
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Accumulated Invited Active Users Proportion
  • Less than 10 active users 10%
  • 10-100, add 1% for every 10 active users increase 21%-30%
  • 100-600, add 1% for every 50 active users increase 30%-40%
  • 600-1,600,add 1% for every 50 active users increase 40%-50%
  • 1,60-6,600 ,add 1% for every 500 active users increase 50%-60%
  • 6,600-16,600 ,add 1% for every 1000 active users increase 60%-70%
  • 16,600,add 1% for every 2000 active users increase 70%-80%


1、The first Phase of Super Commission is from 00:00, March 6, 2020 -- 24:00,June 6, 2020 HKT

2、New users who register and complete a trade through the inviter's referral channel are valid users;

3、New users who have accumulated ≥1 USDT trading fees within 15 days of registration will receive a random BTC reward;

4、The invited valid user will receive a BTC bonus. If the user has not logged in for 180 consecutive days, the part of BTC donated by the account will be withdrawn and deemed invalid;

5、Valid users who violate ZBG's risk control rules will also be considered as invalid users;

6、The returned commission will be automatically transferred to the partner's account at 2:00 the next day,Commission = commission generated by valid users * commission return ratio;

7、The commission will be paid in the currency charged for the actual transaction;

8、The accumulated commission data (USDT) is the real-time currency price conversion of the service charge;

9、The maximum rebate time for a single valid user is 180 days from the date of invitation;

10、The details of the returned commission and the rate of returned commission will be updated before the settlement of the returned commission the next day;

11、Invitation links, poster QR codes, red envelopes and contract sharing are all valid invitation channels;

12、After the event, the referrer relationship will be removed and the bonus will be automatically stopped;

13、If the activity is updated, please refer to the official platform of ZBG. ZBG reserves the right to interpret the activity。


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