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Dear ZBG users, you have not opened contract trading account, please open first.
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1、The invitation rebate activity will be open from now on. The duration of the activity shall be subject to the page display

2、ZBG users who successfully invite valid users will be deemed to participate in the ZBG super rebate activity. The inviter shall be entitled to 10% commission of the commission for inviting valid users;

3、Effective users refer to new users who register through the channel of recommendation of inviter and complete any transaction;

4、Valid users who violate ZBG risk control rules will also be deemed as invalid users;

5、The commission refund will be automatically transferred to the inviter's account at 02:00 the next morning;

6、The commission will be paid in the currency charged for the actual transaction;

7、The accumulated commission data (USDT) is the real-time currency price conversion of the service charge;

8、For a single valid user, the maximum commission return time is 180 days since the invitation for registration, and the recommender relationship will be terminated automatically upon expiration;

9、Details of the commission returned on the same day will be updated before the settlement of the commission returned on the next day;

10、Invitation links, poster QR codes, red envelopes and contract sharing are all valid invitation channels;

11、If the activity is updated, please refer to the official platform of ZBG. ZBG reserves the right to interpret the activity.

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