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Professional quantitative team asset management · Easy to enjoy


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Strategy to run

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Investment target


General escrow fund

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The total yield

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The historical record

Service Groups

Lack of trading experienc

Lack of technical analysis, lack of trading strategy

Lack of awareness of risk control

No time to keep track of market

Cryptocurrency market has no closed mechanism

No time and energy to keep track of the market

Seek professional management

Seek safe and reliable asset custody service

Strengthen returns and weaken risks

Balance financial investment

Idle assets seek 'after-sleep income'

Seek reliable value-added products

Characteristics of the Square

  • Convenient operation

    Easy to understand input operation, unlock the new position of cryptocurrency trading

  • Information transparency

    Key information at a glance, operation log open and transparent

  • Safe and reliable

    Professional team to execute the trade, authority exchange control currency withdrawal

  • Professional trading

    The professional level quantitative asset management team will settle in and the transaction will be handed over to a more professional person

  • Risk control

    Determine the liquidation line, and strictly implement risk control

  • No hosting fee

    0 hosting fee, income sharing shall be adopted as the management service fee

  • The minimum threshold

    Professional capital management services are also available for small costs

  • Product diversity

    Rich product types meet the asset management needs of all types of users

【Risk Warning】

'Strategy Square' of all projects by ZBG screening via third-party quantitative information technology team to provide service, ZBG only as a platform provide programs display, risk monitoring and other related services, ZBG doesn',t provide any guarantee, express or implied trading strategy. All of quantitative project user need to be equipped with the appropriate risk recognition and risk tolerance。