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Dear ZBG users, you have not opened contract trading account, please open first.
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Trade notes:

1. Be sure to use your bank card that are bound are used for remittance through mobile phone or online banking;

2. Prohibited to use Other people's payment, ATM and over the counter transfer, if used may cause the assets can not reach the account;

3. More than three cancellations will be made Ban current day Fiat deal;

4. After the purchase order Pretend to paid ,Seller can appeal ,once verified ban the trading

5. 17:00later and none workdays ,Please split each transaction within 50,000 yuan for transfer, otherwise it will be delayed to the account;

6. If funds received by the seller is not transfered by the buyer ,Please Please return by the same way

7. The order has been cancelled. If the payment has been made, please timely appeal and explain the situation;

8. Please do not note 'bitcoin', 'virtual currency' and other information when transferring money, otherwise legal currency transaction is prohibited.