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What is cloud computing power?
By subscribing to the power contract, you can start the digital currency mining in real time. Through professional mine deployment and intimate services, you can get higher mining revenue.
For beginner players
Quick start, low price, easy operated
For professional
Stable operation, professional services, high mining revenue
For large mining
High platform security, providing one-stop management of mining services
How to buy cloud computing power?
Register account
Enter the ZBG official website to register a new account and log in.
Account deposit
Deposit a certain cryptocurrency in an existing account (currently supports USDT,QC)
Select contract
Choose the type and quantity of the contract, purchase to order
View income
The mining revenue will be paid to your designated wallet regularly, you can log in at any time to view.
Cloud Computing Contracting Service Agreement
《'Cloud Computing Contracting Service Agreement'》('this agreement')It is a related rights and obligations specification established by the cloud computing contracting service provided by the ZBG ( platform.ZBG ( users (hereinafter referred to as 'users') who use cloud computing contracting services access and/or use ZBG (,In the Cloud Computing Product page, if you have checked and agreed to the Cloud Computing Contract and clicked 'Buy', you accept and agree to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.If you are willing to accept the terms of this agreement, you can purchase cloud computing products, and the platform serves as the operator of the computing products to provide services to users according to this agreement. The platform has the right to modify the terms of this agreement and to prompt the user. If the user continues to access and/or use the cloud computing products, the company agrees to the latest agreement, and the platform grants the user access to and use of the services provided by the platform and the personal products of the product. , non-exclusive, non-transferable limited rights.If the user disagrees with part or all of the content of the latest agreement, the user may terminate access and/or use the cloud computing contracting service.
1- The Basic Matters
This Agreement sets out the rights and obligations between the User and the Platform regarding the services provided by the Platform. The services provided by the platform and this website are the property of the platform.
1.1 In order to maintain the operational order of the cloud computing contracting service and protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, the platform users should agree to the full terms of this agreement and follow the prompts on the page to complete the purchase process, become the user of the cloud computing service, and enjoy the cloud computing power. Contracting service rights and undertaking relevant obligations.
1.2 This Agreement is a proprietary agreement for the use of cloud computing contracting services for ZBG ( users. Other public information published by the platform as the subsidiary of this agreement has the same effect on the users, and the platform remains at any time. The right to modify the terms of this Agreement at its sole discretion. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically review this Agreement for the latest modifications. This Agreement and its modifications are effective as soon as the Platform publishes them on the Site (unless otherwise specified in this Agreement). If the user continues to access and/or use ZBG ( and the cloud computing contracting service, it indicates that it is approved and willing to accept the rules agreed upon in the public information and agree to the modification. If the user disagrees with the rules agreed upon in the publicity information, the user may terminate access and/or use ZBG ( and the cloud computing contracting service; and agree that in this case, the platform is not yet settled by the user. In addition to the proceeds, there is no obligation to transmit any unprocessed or unfinished services to the user or to any third party.
1.3 All terms expressed in this agreement can be understood in accordance with the general interpretation of the industry. However, the final interpretation of the term is owned by the platform. If the user has an obstacle to the understanding of the term, the platform can be requested by sending an email to the service mailbox of the platform.
2- User Information Registration
2.1 You agreed to:
1)You are at least 18 years of age and have full civil capacity;
2)Your acceptance and use of the services provided by the Platform is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies in your country of residence/country and does not violate your obligations to any other third party.
3)You find that when you are unable to commit to the content of paragraphs (1) and/or (2) of this section due to changes in facts or laws and regulations, you will immediately stop using the services provided by the platform and inform the platform to stop the service through the customer service channel. Your right to use the Platform Services is immediately terminated upon termination of the Services. You agree that in such circumstances, the Platform is under no obligation to transmit any unprocessed or unfinished services to you or to any third party.
2.2 For the registration data you provide, you agree to:
1)Provide legal, truthful, accurate and complete personal information;
2)If there is any change, update the user information in time. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, the user shall bear all the corresponding responsibilities and consequences;
3)The Platform reserves the right to impose restrictions on the account based on the information provided, to suspend or terminate the use of the Platform Cloud Computing Service;
4)Your order is a request from the platform for the cloud computing service and does not mean that the platform has accepted your order. The platform reserves the right to refuse to accept user orders. If we accept your order, a binding agreement ('Cloud Computing Service Agreement') is generated on behalf of the platform and the cloud computing service agreed upon by the order, the cloud computing service agreement The specific content of the cloud computing products. We will associate your purchased cloud computing products with your account. Prior to this, the order was considered pending, and the platform reserved the right to refuse to accept the order and refuse to accept the user's payment;
5)For compliance purposes such as KYC (Know Your Customer) and/or anti-money laundering, the platform has the right to require the user to provide Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and/or financial information of the account owner;
6)You will need to enter your username and password when using some of the specific features of the cloud computing service provided by the platform. If you are unable to access your account for reasons such as forgotten your password, the platform reserves the right to request specific information, including personally identifiable information, including but not limited to: identification, residence certificate, phone number. /Email proof of ownership and any identifiable activity on the website, such as transaction ID, order number, etc.; however, you promise that you will not share your username and / or password with others or allow any other third party to use your account . The Platform assumes no responsibility for the improper use of your account or password by you or any other third party and for the consequences and losses. If you believe that your username and / or password are known to others or that your account has been used by someone else, you should immediately notify the platform.
2.3 You are responsible for your own user account and password and are responsible for all activities that occur under your account password. You have the right to change your login and account passwords as needed. Any loss caused by your own fault is at your own risk, including but not limited to: failure to follow the service prompts, failure to perform service operations, forgetting or leaking passwords, passwords being cracked by others, and the computer you use is invaded by others.
3- Risk Notification
3.1 You understand and agree that there is a legal risk in the use of digital currency. Since the current legal supervision of digital currency is not mature, its value may not be protected by law/regulation, and its actions may be terminated as violations of laws or policies;
3.2 The value of any cloud computing product, any number of any digital currency, may be affected by many factors that are not controlled by the platform. These factors include, but are not limited to, mining difficulty and/or changes in other mining parameters/attributes, market price fluctuations in digital currencies (legal currency versus digital currency exchange rates), hardware obsolescence and hardware amortization;
3.3 You understand and agree that due to the nature of the digital currency, the value of any digital currency holder and any number of any digital currency may lose some or all of its value at any time; for the value of the digital currency is reduced (or even zero) The entire loss is at your own risk and the platform does not assume any responsibility;
3.4 You understand and agree that the Platform reserves the right to publish, modify, and/or provide any information related to the services provided by the Platform at any time through official page announcements, on-site letters, emails, customer service calls, SMS messages or regular correspondence. The platform does not assume legal responsibility for any information obtained through the formal channels of the platform.
3.5 You understand and agree that the Platform will maintain or upgrade the system on a regular or irregular basis. The platform does not guarantee that the services provided by the platform are continuous and uninterrupted. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, you shall be solely liable for any loss (if any) arising from the interruption of the Platform Services.
3.6You understand and agree that the information on this website does not constitute an offer of any kind, nor should it be considered or understood as an offer to sell or purchase any securities, commodities or other financial products. In addition, the Platform does not constitute an investment advisor and any information on the Platform's website does not constitute an offer of investment advice. The Platform does not warrant that any goals, assumptions, expectations, strategies and/or purposes expressed or implied by the Site have been or will be fulfilled, nor does it guarantee that the activities or any performance described by the Site will continue as such or continue in the future as described in the Site.
4- The Use Of Digital Currency
4.1 You may not mine, purchase, sell, exchange, hold, possess or otherwise use or utilize digital currency in any manner prohibited by your law or regulation;
4.2 Before purchasing any cloud computing services, you should understand the business to ensure that the business fits your financial capabilities and risk capacity. You know and understand that digital currency is at risk, including but not limited to:
1)Currency price volatility: The price of any digital currency, including bitcoin, may fall sharply, or even zero;
2)Digital currency transactions may not be confirmed for a while. Although the possibility is low, some digital currency transactions may never be confirmed. Unconfirmed digital currency transactions represent that they have not been completed;
3)Irreversible digital currency transactions: If you send any number of digital currencies to any wrong person or address, you may not be able to cancel the transaction or withdraw the funds;
4)If you lose or forget any PIN or password required to access and use these digital currencies, the digital currency may be lost or unavailable to you;
5)There may be inherent unknown technical defects;
6)New laws, regulations, and policies affecting the use of digital currencies may be issued and promulgated by countries.
4.3 By agreeing to these Terms of Service or by using the cloud computing services provided by the Platform to mine digital currencies, you demonstrate that you understand and accept the risks associated with digital currencies.
4.4 The cloud computing services you obtain through the platform may not be used to attack the network, otherwise we have the right to terminate and deduct our services.
5- Cost Of Platform Cloud Computing Products
5.1 The cost of cloud computing products includes: computing power and electricity.
5.2 Computing fee: The calculation fee is calculated based on the current price of the digital currency market, the forecast of the future market, the calculation power of the whole network and the difficulty.
5.3 Electricity fee: The electricity fee charged by the platform will be used to run many expenses incurred by the cloud computing products: electricity, mining machine operation and maintenance, heat treatment, etc. The platform reserves the right to adjust the electricity fee in the future, but before the adjustment the electricity bill paid is not affected.
5.4 You understand and agree that the specific fees charged by the Platform are set forth in the specific cloud computing products. If you are unable to accept the fees specified in the cloud computing products, you should not place an order for the cloud computing products.
5.5 You understand and agree that the difficulty of mining will change as the computing power of the entire network changes. Therefore, the price of the cloud computing service provided by the platform will be adjusted periodically, but the cost of the sold cloud computing products and the already paid electricity charges will not be affected.
6- The Provided Services Of Cloud Computing
6.1 The revenue of the cloud computing products you are contracting is affected by the uncontrollable factors of the whole network computing power, power cost, personnel cost and other platforms. The platform hereby reminds you that the platform will update your revenue algorithm from time to time. And the core intellectual property of the revenue algorithm system platform will not be announced to you, and you continue to access and / or use the platform and cloud computing products contracting services, that is, you recognize the latest product revenue algorithm.
6.2 After you complete the calculation contract according to this agreement, the platform will generate the calculation contract order according to the latest calculation contracting rules. You can log in to the platform account to view the computing contract order and determine the final contract according to the number of the contracted orders.
6.3 After you pay for the cloud computing power order, the mining machine that your contracted cloud computing power is owned and operated by the platform is limited by the uncontrollable factors of the platform. The cloud computing power you contract may generate zero profit.
6.4The Platform will not make any commitment to your future earnings, and any future-related earnings or yield (or rate of return) data mentioned on the Platform Website or Platform Activity page are estimates and assumptions, and the actual amount of revenue will be subject to The influence of digital currency prices, the difficulty of the entire network, the lucky value of the mine pool, and the proportion of service fees in the mine pool.
7- Payment, Cancellation, Change, Refund Of The Order
7.1 You can purchase cloud computing services using a variety of payment methods supported by the product;
7.2 If you have not completed the payment section, it will be considered as abandoning the purchase of the product and canceling the order;
7.3 The platform reserves the right to change the type and price of the cloud computing product at any time. Changes to the platform's cloud computing product type and price will take into account current market prices. The cloud computing products you have purchased are not affected;
7.4 To the fullest extent permitted by laws and regulations, both parties acknowledge that all purchased cloud computing products are final and non-refundable unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. The platform reserves the right to refund at its sole discretion. If the platform provides a refund for individual cloud computing products, it does not mean that the platform recognizes and is obligated to agree to the same or similar refund in the future. This refund policy does not affect any legal rights that may apply;
7.5You hereby acknowledge that if the cloud computing products have taken effect, you will not be charged any unpaid electricity charges due to unsatisfactory mining revenues, mining services that do not meet expectations and other reasons, and will not refund any unpaid electricity charges or computing fee
7.6If the Platform provides a replacement in accordance with this Agreement or applicable laws and regulations, any additional charges (such as third party fees) shall be borne by you.
8- Restrictions And Obligations
8.1 You may not use the services provided on this website or the Platform to engage in activities that violate applicable laws and regulations. Do not use this website to create, copy and disseminate the following information:
1)Inciting resistance, undermining the Constitution and laws, administrative regulations; inciting subversion of state power, overthrowing state institutions, and undermining national unity; 
2)Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors, and disturbing social order;
3)Promote feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or persuade bad intentions;
4)Publicly insulting others or fabricating facts;
5)Impair the credibility of state sections;
6)Other violations of applicable laws and regulations;
8.2 You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, this Agreement and all rules applicable to this Website and Services.
8.3 You agree that you shall fully assume the relevant tax obligations arising from the use of the services provided by the Platform.
8.4 You agree and warrant that you will only use the services provided by the Platform for your own benefit, and that you do not use the services provided by the Platform on behalf of others or for the benefit of other third parties.
8.5You agree to contact the Platform in a timely manner if you discover or suspect that other users have violated the agreement in this Agreement or have any fraud or misconduct.
8.6 You may not maliciously register your website account in any way.
8.7 You should not steal other user account information or perform other actions that affect the security of other user accounts.
8.8 You must not use any method to block your Internet traffic and IP addresses (such as Proxy, Tor, VPN, etc.) or use other technical services that hide the user's real Internet connection.
8.9 You must not use the cloud computing power provided by the platform to attack illegal activities such as the Internet.
8.10 The intellectual property rights of any content displayed on the platform website or application software, including but not limited to articles, images, news, materials, website structure, website layout, website design, are fully owned by the platform unless otherwise stated. You should respect the intellectual property of the platform.
8.11 No third party may acquire or use any part of the Platform or any Content, Services or Materials directly or indirectly available through the Platform for any non-private or commercial purpose without the authorization or permission of the Platform or express written permission. Any third party who violates the provisions of this Agreement in any way, and/or in any language, publishes, copies, reproduces, alters, references, links, downloads or otherwise uses any part of Bitstream's calculations, or to any other If the third party provides access to any content of the cloud computing product, the right to use the cloud computing service will be terminated immediately, and any third party must return or destroy the content of any part of the platform cloud computing product according to the requirements of the platform. Any copy of the material created.
8.12 You promise and warrant that your use of the cloud computing services provided by the Platform will not adversely affect the platform's reputation or cause the Platform to assume legal or other penalties or sanctions.
8.13 Please confirm that the cloud computing service is legal in your country or region. Otherwise, you will bear all legal consequences.
8.14 If you violate the above sections, the platform reserves the right to directly take all necessary measures to cancel the benefits of the violations, and / or through legal means to pursue the user's legal and other related responsibilities.v
9- Liability For Breach Of Contract
9.1 Any violation of this agreement by the user (including but not limited to: the user does not pay the service fee according to the agreement, the service provided by the user using the platform is illegal in the country of residence of the user, etc.), the platform has the right to suspend or terminate the user at any time. Provide services and require users to compensate for the relevant losses suffered by the platform;
9.2 If the Platform has reason to suspect that you have used the services and/or the Site provided by the Platform in fraud or other improper manner, the Platform reserves the right to suspend the provision of services to you or request that you suspend the use of the Site until you are able to provide proof of compliance with the Platform.
10- Limitation of Liability
10.1 The products provided by the platform correspond to real computing power. The real computing power will cause fluctuations due to unstable factors such as network and mining machine power. The platform does not promise 100% stable operation. Except for the following cases, other situations (including but not limited to: digital currency prices, inherent property changes, difficulty in network computing, mining pool lucky value, mine service fee ratio, etc.) make up. For the interruption of product service caused by insufficient power supply, the platform will compensate the affected products by 1:1 delay (that is, 1 hour of power failure and 1 hour of mining delay; the specific delay time is based on the actual compensation time displayed by the user interface) ), the extension is added after the normal end time of the product.
10.2 The services provided by the platform may be affected by various factors including, but not limited to, natural disasters, telecom operator regulation, computer viruses, hacking, war, strikes, riots, government actions, city-level grid-powered accidents, and so on. The above risks may affect the timeliness, security and accuracy of the services provided by the platform. The platform does not undertake to assume the above risks, for which the platform will be exempted from liability to the maximum extent permitted by laws and regulations.
10.3 You agree that the third party link/website address provided by the Platform is for convenience and reference only. Since such third-party websites or links are not under the control of the Platform, the Platform cannot guarantee that users accessing such websites or links are secure and free of viruses. The user is not responsible for the loss of the platform due to access to such third party links and any other non-platform controlled third party links.
10.4 You understand and agree that under no circumstances will the Platform be liable for the following matters and for losses caused by: 
1)Loss of trading profits;
2)Service interruption;
3)Damage or loss of information;
4)Data corruption or loss;
5)Cloud computing power dies or withdraws from the market;
6)Losses caused by laws, regulations and policy factors;
7)Loss caused by the user's violation of this agreement (including but not limited to: providing inaccurate personal information to the platform, leaking passwords to third parties, etc.);
8)Other events that are not controlled by the platform.
10.5 You agree and accept that you shall be responsible for any and all liability, claims, damages, fines and any costs associated with your breach of applicable laws and regulations or this Agreement (including but not limited to court fees and reasonable Attorney's fees) The platform and its officers and directors, employees, the associated entities of the platform and their respective successors, the assignee compensate and protect them from any loss.
10.6 You agree that the Platform's entire liability to the User under this Agreement shall not exceed the service fee paid by the User to the Platform.
11- Other Agreements
11.1 Waiver: The Platform does not enforce one or more of the terms of this Agreement, or does not exercise any of its rights under this Agreement, or does not require the User to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement at any time, shall not be construed as a platform. The waiver of the above terms, or in any way affecting the validity of this Agreement or the right of the Platform to enforce the terms of this Agreement, shall not prevent the Platform from taking any other action it is entitled to at any time.
11.2 Dividable: If any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the legal effect of any other provision.
11.3 Applicable Law: All disputes, claims or other matters arising out of or in connection with the use of the services provided by the Platform and/or the Website by the User shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.
11.4 Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled by negotiation between the two parties. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement within 30 days after the dispute arises, the dispute shall be submitted to the Arbitration Center, in accordance with the arbitration rules of the Commission. The arbitral tribunal consists of one arbitrator. The outcome of the arbitration is final and binding on all parties.
11.5 The platform and the user agree that in the event of a dispute, the platform has the right to view and review the various behavioral trajectories of the user in the cloud computing products, and has the right to submit the content to a third party or media; Records recorded or retained in the server and other electronic devices shall be used as evidence, and both parties will recognize this, regardless of whether the servers or electronic devices are directly or by a third party.
Cloud computing power contract
  • Mining machine:{{||'--'}}
  • Total Amount:{{Number(info.amount)||0}}{{info.descMap.type}} single{{Number(info.descMap.orderAmount)||0}}{{info.descMap.type}}
  • Price:{{Number(info.price).toFixed(2)||0}} {{info.currencyName.toUpperCase()}}/{{info.descMap.type}}
  • Management fee:{{Number(info.feeRatio)||0}}%
  • Electricity fee:{{info.descMap.ElectricityFee||0}}/{{info.descMap.type}}/Day
  • Estimated daily income:{{Number(info.descMap.theoreticalIncome)||0}} /Day
  • Contract period:The contract period is {{info.descMap.contractPeriodDay||0}}Day,{{lan=='cn'?info.descMap.contractPeriodDesc:info.descMap.contractPeriodDescEn}}
  • Whether physical delivery:{{info.descMap.physicalSettlement.toUpperCase()}}
Contract overview
Minimum subscription unit:{{Number(info.descMap.orderAmount)||0}}{{info.descMap.type}}.After the subscription, the user will get the income from the output of the effective computing power owned by the individual. Note: Some cloud computing power products that do not include electricity fee services will settle the final income after deducting the electricity fee; cloud computing products with zero electricity fee do not charge electricity fees.
computer power purchase
Contract stock
The total contract power of this batch of contracts is {{Number(info.amount)||0}}{{info.descMap.type}}입니다.
Subscription price
Fixed price {{Number(info.price).toFixed(2)||0}}{{info.currencyName||''}}/{{info.descMap.type}}
1. After the user completes the order and pays successfully, the order cannot be revoked.
2. In case of exchange rate abnormality or technical failure, the platform has the right to choose the exchange rate data of other exchanges.
Calculation and distribution of income
Electricity fee
1. The power cost of the cloud computing contract may fluctuate due to changes in national policies and power costs, and the contractor will reserve the right to adjust the electricity bill.
Contract income
1. The contract will only deduct the electricity bill for the day when the income is distributed. The mine maintenance, mining machine deployment, personnel expenses, and sudden dangers will not be charged separately during the actual operation of the mine.
2. If the mining revenue of the day is not enough to deduct the electricity bill, the daily income is 0.
Income settlement
1.The proceeds from the calculation of this contract are issued in the form of coin.
2.The contract revenue of the day before the settlement of 16:00 Beijing time will be based on the settlement time of the mine pool.
Contract termination
1. Contract period:See contract period item above
2. After the termination of the calculation contract, the platform does not undertake the technical support and other obligations of the calculation.
3. When the mine cannot continue to operate due to force majeure such as legal policy, war, earthquake, fire and power failure, the contract will be terminated early and the platform will not be liable for compensation.

User Earnings

  • Release Date product name Earnings status
  • {{item.createTime}} {{couponName}} {{item.amount | capitalize}} {{item.currencyTypeName | UpperCase}} {{item.status == 1 ? 'Distributed' : '待分发' }}
  • Release Date {{item.createTime}}
  • product name {{couponName}}
  • Earnings {{item.amount | capitalize}} {{item.currencyTypeName | UpperCase}}
  • status {{item.status == 1 ? 'Distributed' : '待分发' }}
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Product Earnings

  • date 1T Original Output on the day 25% of the day's earnings Unfrozen Income Daily Income
  • {{}} {{item.power}} {{item.quarterProfit}} {{item.release}} {{item.profit}}
  • date {{}}
  • 1T Original Output on the day {{item.power}}
  • 25% of the day's earnings {{item.quarterProfit}}
  • Unfrozen Income {{item.release}}
  • Daily Income {{item.profit}}

No data

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Filecoin Computing Power Mining Earnings Formula:

Release Earnings = Yesterday's Computing Power Earnings * (1 - {{fee}}) * 0.75 / 180 + Yesterday's Release Earnings

Earnings = The Day Computing Power Earnings * (1 - {{fee}}) * 0.25 + Release Earnings

Parameters Explanation:

{{fee}}:Service Fees; 0.25:Proportion of Earnings that arrives immediately; 0.75:Proportion of Earnings waiting to be released; 180:Release Period