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Dear ZBG users, you have not opened contract trading account, please open first.
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Your current FZTs :


FZT is referring to frozen ZT

Transaction fee rate : {{feeRatio*100}}%

Time: Hong kong Time 7:00~12:00 (morning), only tranfer in or out once per day.

Sell FZT

Note: When you change the FZT, please use ZBG digital assets address in order to appeal the transfering deal for in or out ,while the abnormal situation occurs.ZBG does not accept arbitration claims with any non-ZBG wallet addresses.


1. A transfer FZT to B.

2. B confirms the receipt of the frozen ZT and transfers the ZBG digital asset to A ZBG address (eg. QC).

3. Please don't transfer FZT to yourself, the transfer fee can not be appealed if happened.


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Relevant Bills

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  • Time 转出方账号 出售数量(FZT) Exchange quantity 手续费(FZT) Operation
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  • Time 出账数量(FZT) 入账数量 手续费(FZT)
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